Niaz insights – The Broad Spectrum

Niaz insights – The Broad Spectrum

Why Niaz Garments Is Renowned and Reliable?

Niaz Garments is one of the famous names among big brands selling quality apparel in the least possible price. The company has a vibrant image working fully functional as a dynamic organization and is using state-of-the-art technology. Niaz Garments is proud to have a highly-skilled, professional, experienced, and enthusiastic workforce whose main objective is the provision of excellent quality service without any compromise for top-notch standards.

What We Sell?

We sell all kinds of apparel for Toddlers, Youth Hooded Sweat Shirts, Ladies’ Shorts, Pigment Dyed Sweat Shirts, Polo Shirts, Men’s T-Shirts, and Women’s T-shirts of high quality.

What Is Our Fabric?

Our fabric consists of best quality Viscose, Modal, Fleece, Jersey, French Terry, Tribeland, Polyester woven, Polyester Knits, Chain Yarn, Slub effect, Burn out, Pigment dye, Acid Wash, Pique, and Stonewash material.

How We Maintain Quality?

Niaz Garments feels proud to write that we are able to maintain excellent quality standards. The quality control system that we work for is totally directed towards improving efficiency, supplying the best quality merchandise to the international market at competitive prices with no compromise on quality and stitching standards.

For maintaining the quality to the best level our quality control department checks the quality at all stages of the entire process of manufacturing which typically starts from yarn selection, then leads to knitting fabric, processing, cutting, stitching, and packing. The process is so transparent and thorough that before the fabric is cut, it is checked for important details that include following the shrinking standards, color fastness, finished gsm, and so on. After the cutting is made, the panels are checked for ensuring the selection of the finest quality pieces that are furthered to be moved to the stitching unit. All these processes are inspected by inline inspectors who make sure that only the best parts are moved further for operation.

Well, in order to control the size and shade the individual tracking number is affixed inside all parts of the garment. After that trimming and pressing are done very meticulously by highly experienced professional inspectors. This is also very important to check either the garments are packed according to the standards and requirements.

So, we would like to mention here that stay rest assured about our best quality and reasonable price. This is what we are able to maintain with our highly experienced, skilled, dedicated, and professional staff members who always feel proud for.

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